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  • Science discovers, art creates.

    John Opie
  • Every great advance in science has issued from a new audacity of the imagination.

    John Dewey
  • During human progress every science is evolved out of its corresponding art.

    Herbert Spencer
  • It is the greatest of crimes to

    depress true art and science.

    William Blake
  • The beauty of science is that dreaming is allowed or I would say even encouraged.

    Georg Bednorz
  • I am among those who think

    that science has great beauty.

    Marie Curie
  • The greater one’s science,

    the deeper the sense of mystery.

    Vladimir Nabokov
  • A well-constructed theory

    is in some respects undoubtedly

    an artistic production.

    Ernest Rutherford
  • The world looks so different

    after learning science.

    Richard Feynman
  • The most beautiful thing

    we can experience is the mysterious.

    It is the source of all true art

    and all science.

    Albert Einstein
16 Sep 2018
ORIGIN in Split


Dark Matter: Music Meets Physics
27 Mar 2018
by Scott Wilson